Adorable 14-Years-Old Dog Gets A loving Home For Christmas!

This is our favorite kind of story where we take great pleasure in seeing this doggie get adopted in time for Christmas, what a lovely surprise for this so lovely and sweet doggie.

At 14-years-old this doggie really was desperate to find love for the rest of her days that remain, she is a black Lab mix with a gray face, so adorable too!

Her sad face sat looking out of her kennel told her story, but her kennel card really elaborated her sad story!

The card told the story of how her last owner took her to the shelter just after Thanksgiving asking her to be euthanized, poor girl!

This poor doggie was so thin and emaciated, had trouble walking and only had two teeth left, she was heartworm positive too!

Both animal lovers and rescuers too heard about her story and were frantically posting on social media about her and her plight.

A guy called Tommy Bull, from Crowley, Texas, read about the dog, he was completely shocked!

He said:

“I looked at her eyes and she looked like she had given up …She was a black dog, a senior, and heartworm positive; she had little chance of getting saved. The holidays are one of the worst times of the year for dogs, a lot of people turn them into shelters.”

Tommy called the rescue, CAMO Rescue, and arranged to pick her up from them at the shelter, what a great guy!

He said:

“The workers carried her out to me because she was a little wobbly …I grabbed her and I hugged her closely. I wanted her to know she was safe. I fell in love with her instantly.”

He put the doggie in his car and took her home with him, Tommy’s wife really had an instant bond with her too. They called her Ettie, short for Henrietta.

Tommy said:

“We gave her a lot of attention and introduced her to our other rescue dogs, she had no problem”

She really flourished with them, even though senior in her years, the fed her really good and nutritious food and she put on some weight too.

Ettie started treatments for arthritis and also her treatment for the heartworms too, all was working out pretty well for her!

Tommy said:

“When I hold the leash in front of her, she knows it means she’s going out. She will come up and let me put the leash on her. She will sometimes take off down to the corner, she can walk pretty fast”

“This little girl stole my heart …She is getting used to all the petting and love we give her.”

Everyone on social media, of course, got to hear about the miracle of her progress and of her story too, everyone was overjoyed!

Tommy had an amazing message to all those people who could adopt a senior dog:

“What they give back to you is so incredible …We can tell how grateful she is for every meal, every pet. Her life matters to us. If you can open up your heart and try, they’re so thankful. I can feel it, you can feel it, it’s very rewarding.”

We completely agree with Tommy and hope that many more people will take the plunge and adopt a senior dog in need!

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