They Adopt Him Before Meeting Him – When They Saw It, They Lose It

We all have a calling, a life’s purpose. We don’t always know what we’re meant to do, but once a passion or love for a hobby, cause or craft is discovered, that’s when you know you’ve found your calling.

You couldn’t imagine your life without this passion playing a significant part going forward.

This was the case for Tracy Wyatt from Texas. In 2011, she had a long break from her usual job. Animals have always been a big part of her life. To head off boredom, Tracy would head to local kill shelters in San Antonio and take videos of the dogs there. Some of these unwanted and unloved dogs would find their way to Tracy’s home. Tracy or her husband, Scott would upload the videos to You Tube.

The Wyatt’s were contacted about these dogs by people interested in adopting them. Many of the enthusiastic pet parents were from all over the country, not just Texas. If these dogs weren’t adopted, sadly they would be put to sleep. Tracy couldn’t allow for that to happen. She wanted to save as many of them as possible; and there were plenty of others who were willing to take up the call to take in these dogs and give them forever homes.

And so, the road trips began. Tracy and Scott would head to local shelters and collect as many dogs as they could and rehome them to pre-approved pet parents in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Florida.

Tracy’s Dogs is an organization that has saved and re-homed 3,700 dogs. Now, Scott Wyatt drives a specialized trailer filled with dogs from Texas to a Pet Smart parking lot where the dogs will meet their new families. Here, they will be united with their forever pet parents and start their new lives.

Before the dogs arrive, Tracy’s Dogs approves potential pet parent applications. The humans are matched with their perfect pet, and the dog is then transported. Then the process begins again with Tracy heading to local shelters and rescuing dogs.

Every week, thousands of dogs find their way into kill shelters across America. They are either abandoned, runaways, abused, sick, or just unwanted. If you want a dog, rescue one of these unloved, undesired or deserted pooches. Give them another chance at happiness with someone who will love them for the rest of their life.