Locked Up For Three Years, By Mistake, In “Prison”, This Doggie Finally Gets Released!

This is a new one on us, being locked up for three years and it was all a big mistake… now she will finally be released, but how did it all happen, how was she forgotten?

Her name is Maybelle and she was held by the sheriff’s department back in 2015, until Wednesday no one realized that really she should already have been free!

About three years on from when she was held, she is finally ready to be released to the rescue center and to find a forever home.

It was back in July of 2015 that one of the deputies arrested a guy, it was during the investigation that the dog was held because the guy was taken to jail for his crimes.

The dog couldn’t be released to the guy as he was in jail, this is when she kind of fell through the cracks, at least her paperwork did, what a shame, poor doggie!


The owner was in prison and the doggie Maybelle was in prison too, but in a different way and by accident, held in limbo, in fact, permanently on hold by the sheriff’s department, our heart goes to you, Maybelle…

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, but surely someone kept seeing here there and wondered why she was still there, well nobody questioned it?

Well at least they say that people did question it, but nobody seemed to have the answer so they held onto her a little longer until they could find out, that went on for quite a while don’t you think?

Rhonda Wilkes, a Friends of Roswell Animals volunteer, said:

“Everyone at Animal Control loved her, everyone played with her. I mean she was part of Animal Control. She was part of them, they took care of her.”

Rhonda Wilkes was by her side the whole time, looking after her, everyone really liked her and played with her.

Three years on, by some kind of miracle, someone finds Maybelle’s paperwork, now finally she can be released and look for a forever home.

Apparently, her release papers were signed back in July 2015, but now at least her papers have turned up she be on her way, finally!

Wilkes said to Maybelle:

“Three years baby. You’ve been in there for three years, and now we are going to go spoil you, yes we are.”

Moments after her release to local animal rescue group, she was given a new collar, toys, and a celebration ice cream, she was so happy to be out!

Wilkes said:

“She’s following us around giving us kisses and it’s wonderful …It’s just a wonderful feeling to be there with her.”

The rescuers are giving Maybelle a full makeover, and she will be staying with them until they can find a perfect home for her.

No one seems to actually know where the paperwork was all that time, but everyone is really grateful that it finally turned up in the end.

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