Abused Pit Bull Touches The Hearts of strangers


Sometimes, someone can cross our path that will change our lives forever. With just a look, a lick, or sniff, animals have this special ability to touch our hearts.

Nashville resident, Christianna Willis works at an animal hospital. She’s familiar with many of the infirmities that plague animals.

Ms. Willis is well-versed in performing basic health checks, but when a pit bull wandered on to her porch one day, no amount of training could have prepared her for what she discovered.

After opening the dog’s mouth, she noticed some of the teeth were filed down or missing.

These are two signs the pit bull had once been used as bait in a dog fighting ring. Ms. Willis couldn’t believe what she’d seen. No living creature should endure such cruel treatment.

It took some gentle coaxing until the pit bull, now called Mama Jade, finally understood the human at her side meant her no harm.

Thankfully, Mama Jade posed no threat to Ms. Willis, despite the harsh treatment she’d experienced.

Ms. Willis became Mama Jade’s new mother. She vowed to find the people responsible for abusing her new furry companion.

They needed to be held accountable for what they’d done. Though it would be a difficult task, she was determined to seek justice for Mama Jade.

She created a Craigs List post where she explained everything that happened to Mama Jade.

Ms Willis painted a devastating picture of Mama Jade’s life before she’d wandered, injured and scared, to her porch.

Mama Jade received love and care at the local shelter. Not even a diagnosis of breast cancer would diminish that compassion.

The post went viral almost immediately. Mama Jade’s ordeal touched so many hearts, in fact, readers sent donations to cover her medical expenses.

We should all be so lucky to find our guardian angel during our lifetime. Mama Jade certainly found hers.


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