Abused Dogs That No One Wants And Prisoners Trying To Rehabilitate – The Result Is Just Amazing!

So you have prisoners you are trying to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society one day, and you have some dogs that are unwanted that need to be trained to help them get adopted, the solution is…

Get the prisoners to train the dogs, in the process you’re rehabilitating your prisoners and at the same time giving these doggies the best possible chance of getting adopted, win-win!

This documentary series shows us exactly this, all be it an unlikely union it’s almost symbiotic in its nature!

Both man and beast and woman and dog, all working together to serve and save each other, what an awesome idea, and how well it’s working!

The results for the prisoners are life-changing, but not just for the prisoners for the dogs too, and of course their future owners, what a great way to contribute to society.


Watch the video below to get acquainted with a dog called Esther, she was severely abused in a puppy mill. She has been trained by prisoners, the ‘Prison-trained K-9 Companion Program’.

The prison inmate, called Jason really bonds with Esther, eventually though they must say an emotional and heartfelt goodbye to each other, but not before she has been successfully trained and really started to come out of herself.

The story is all part of the documentary series that is called Castaways, it chronicles the successful rehabilitation of both inmates and dogs.

It’s truly satisfying and amazing to watch these partnerships form between the inmates and the dogs as they undergo training together.

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