Abused Dog Now Getting The Chance To Bring His Own Justice To Criminals!

Some people are not fit to even own a mouse, let alone a dog or any other animal, this case today seems to agree with that, if only we could license people to have the right to own animals…

It all started on June 3, 2017, where the animal control was called to a home to investigate a abused dog that reported to be seriously injured.

Officers Ruanne Hicks and Robert Dodson attended the house and also determined that Joshua Hook, 29 years-old, from Harrison, was the owner of the dog that was badly injured.

They secured the dog, thankfully, and took him to safety, and to the Clare Animal Hospital for assessment and treatment, his injuries were so bad he had to have emergency surgery!

Joshua Hook was charged and resisted arrest, he was charged with not only resisting and obstructing a police officer, but also one count of felony animal killing/torturing…

abused dog

The felony carries a four-year term in prison, but on top of that, he also faces additional charges of misdemeanor animal abandoning/cruelty, which could add another 93 days on to that maximum jail time.

Records show how despicable he was, he assaulted another inmate seriously while awaiting trial…

In total, he pleaded no contest to the attempted assault while in custody, attempted animal killing/torturing and in addition lying to a peace officer while he was conducting an investigation.

He received 5 years jail time and was ordered to pay ‘restitution’ fees to cover the cost of the animals veterinary care, but we think it should be more, what do you think?

abused dog

The abused dog, who has endured so much pain at his hands is now being evaluated and tested to be part of the Northern Michigan K-9 Police Dog Service and to be part of the Veteran Service Dog Program.

We hope he will get to bring justice to criminals and he will have an awesome and happy life, hopefully in the Michigan police force, good luck to you, brave doggie!

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