Abused dog has been chained outside in the scorching heat for 10-15 years, is finally rescued

In May of 2016, while walking, a couple noticed an abused dog lying in a yard, chained to a building by himself.

They had seen this abused dog before but had never once seen him let off of his leash.

It was discovered that not once in three years had he been let off his chain or had anybody played with him. He was always outside in the hot Phoenix weather, all alone.

He was dirty and his fur was covered in dust. Bugs crawled all over him. In some places, he had open flesh wounds and visible tumors.

He barked and growled at passerby’s. He didn’t seem like a friendly dog at all.

abused dog

But the couple felt bad. They knew this abused dog deserved a second chance.

And they walked up to the fence and sat there while he barked. Also, they continued to sit there until he stopped, at which point they started talking to him in soft, slow voices, assuring him that they were no threat.

At first reluctant, then seemingly more curious, the dog approached the strangers at the fence. They reached their fingers through and began to pet him.

abused dog

Everyday, they went back to show him love and to feed him treats, and every day he began to trust them more and more.

The abused dog turned out to be very affectionate, loving the human interaction and attention he was finally receiving. And his affections were returned.

His would be rescuers began to grow very attached to him. While they knew that they couldn’t keep him, they knew they had to help, and could find him a family.

abused dog

Finally, one day his owner stepped outside, and caught the couple petting him and talking to him. They confronted the her, pointed out the conditions he lived in were too poor, and her treatment of the dog, whom they named Rusty Diamond, was wrong.

The whole situation had grounds for animal cruelty charges.

His owner laughed, saying that he had been on the chain for 10-15 years.

After some convincing, the owner agreed to give Rusty over to them. She insisted that Rusty would try to bite or hurt them, but eventually handed him over. He was so happy to finally be with them.

abused dog

When they got home they took off his chain. It was so rusted and old that it had to be cut off completely. They then gave him a bath. His coat was coated in motor oil, and dish soap had to be used to get it off.

Rusty was kind and well behaved, not at all behaving like a dog that had been chained up for 15 years would.

He received proper medical care, and is now happily living in a new home with a loving family, who have several brother and sister dogs for him to play with!

Rusty was given his second chance, and he’s making the most of it.

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