Abused Chihuahua thrown in trash helping his new mom through chemotherapy

An abused Chihuahua, left abandoned, in pain and thrown into a trash can, has given a cancer patient a great reason to live and fight.

Meet Laurie Marcote, who has been fighting to adopt the pooch dubbed Motto, since he was found in May.

Motto the Chihuahua “was thrown out with the trash, left to suffer until he was found and brought to us,” the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society (GAHS) said in a Facebook post.

The dog’s immediate concerns reflected the terrible life he must have lived prior to having been found:

 “Upon arriving it was noticed that Motto had a rotting odor and was foaming at the mouth. ‘The smell was unbearable; we employees could hardly stomach the smell, I can’t imagine what this little dog was going through,’ said Zachary Black of GAHS.”

Years of terrible neglect resulted in surgery for the pint sized pooch:

“He was immediately brought to a local veterinary hospital. Upon examination by Dr. Stephen Kinney, it was determined that Motto had a cruel case of dental disease; the inside of his mouth was one big ulcer and all of his teeth were rotting away. ‘This was the worst case of dental neglect I have ever seen,’ said Dr. Stephen Kinney. Motto had all of his teeth removed, is receiving multiple mouth cleanings a day, and will be on a special diet until his mouth is healed. It was determined that this sweet little fellah is in his older years, and once healed should be able to live out a great retirement life.”

And for Laurie, wanting to help Motto gave her something to distract her from her illness and something she really enjoyed.

The little guy kept her company while she was ill, and through Motto’s struggle to get well just like her own battle, the two bonded quickly.

“All animals tend to know when you’re not feeling well. It was a great comfort,” Laurie told reporters at WmtwNews.“He helped me through chemotherapy.”

A Facebook page, Mighty Motto encourages people to adopt their next best friend. And even though he has a new name – Charlie – and a handsome new bandanna, it’s the heartwarming story of survival; one for a dog and a human meant to be together.

Best of luck Laurie and Charlie.

(Photos via Facebook)

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