Abused single mom is forced to give up her family’s 3 pets, then strangers step in to help!

When you adopt a pet, that animal becomes just like any member of your family. It would be painful to see them leave, whether it’s because of the pet’s passing, or because he or she got lost.

But sometimes, unfortunate familial situations force parents and kids to say goodbye to a cat or a dog. For example, maybe they’re moving into a home that doesn’t allow pets…

In Marta’s case, the single mom and her kids managed to thankfully escape domestic abuse. But this meant that they had to move to a new apartment.

The apartment didn’t allow pets, and she couldn’t afford another place with all the bills she was paying on her home. So they tearfully said goodbye to their 7-year-old German shepherd Bella, their 10-year-old bichon frise Princess, and a 6-year-old cat named Shanay.

The shelter that took the pets was moved by the family’s plight, and decided to help. With the help of a Facebook post. Strangers were able to see what the family was going through, and decided to help.

Marta and her kids were able to be reunited with their beloved pets for a short time, before they were placed in a foster home while money is raised to help them find a home where they can all live together.


Though the fight isn’t over yet. The family is thankful for all the support and donations they have received so far!

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