Abandoned But Discovered With A Heartbreaking Note Around His Neck!

We often see sad things in a lifetime, but this one little moment was beyond that, we would even go as far as saying that this was truly touching!

This sweet doggie was discovered wandering the streets around the neighborhood, a note attached to him.

Around his neck was a handwritten note, obviously attached there by his last owner, we want to know what the note says, but in a way, we feel we know what it might be…

The note goes like this: – “I am lost and looking for a home. My owner had a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don’t take me to a shelter … Please find me a home”

The poor doggie, about 6-months-old, was really hungry, very sad and seemed a little confused too, he was seen wandering into a strangers yard, obviously looking for help!

The person whose yard he wandered into could see what needed to be done and called an animal rescue called Luvnpupz, a non-profit animal rescue, they were more than happy to come to pick him up.

Luvnpupz owner, Cari Shipalia, said:

“I think probably, I at first went, ‘Wow really? …Once I held [the note] in my hand, I thought, ‘Somebody needs help.’ They came to a point where they thought this was their only choice.”

This poor pup was, at last, going to be safe and fed, and get the love and attention he really deserved too, they renamed him Ghost.

He is now a lot happier and healthier after food and water and love, he is now recovering and feeling much stronger and more positive.

The rescue group is now trying to find him the very best forever home that they can, we wish him the very best of luck and hope is forever happy, poor boy looked so sad, he deserves some real happiness!

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