He Was Abandoned, Thrown From A Car, Wrapped In Blanket, What They Did To Him Was Barbaric!

Ricardo D’Amico was having a relaxing afternoon, like most of us he was really enjoying his Sunday afternoon not expecting to have to do much, but he rode past a dog in distress on his bike…

He had to do something to help the poor puppy, he would literally peddle for his life and the doggies life too!

This unexpected turn was really a bit of a shock to the system, he found what looked like a blanket just thrown into the ditch, he stopped to take a closer look and as he did he found a little puppy inside the blanket, petrified and all by himself.

The little pup was very delicate, black and white and seemed to be having difficulty moving, it was like he had a wound somewhere!

D’Amico called his friend, called LaChrystal Ricke, who happened to be Director of operations at the organization Reggie’s Friends, who was an animal rescue!


He really hoped the little pup could be saved and that it wasn’t too late…

They had to work out though what had actually happened to the little pup before he could be treated. Time was ticking all the while!

Ricke said:

“We all thought he had been thrown from a car wrapped in a blanket …But when I picked him up and started to get an idea of what we were dealing with, there were no wounds to match up with the amount of blood he had on and around him.”

He wrapped the pup in a fresh piece of fabric and he was rushed to the vets, called “BluePearl Veterinary Partners” for emergency care.


Ricke said: “When we got to the vet, the vet team had the same reaction that I did to the amount of blood, but no obvious signs of trauma or wounds.”

They ran a series of routine tests and a sonogram on the pup to try to find out what was going on, but it was the puppies blood work that revealed the truth…

That poor little puppy had been poisoned!

Ricke went on to say:

“Blood tests confirmed that he had severe rodenticide toxicity. The poison in his blood was over 400 percent …It’s one of the most horrible things I have ever seen in rescue.”


They gave the little pup a blood and plasma transfusion straight away, to help his chances of survival, but things were not looking that great for the little brave pup.

Ricke said: “When I left him at the vet, I didn’t think I’d see him alive again. He was weak, frail, could barely stand and was just so, so sick.”

That night the sheer strength of the puppy helped him fight to survive, that and all the help that had been given to him.

The very next day the puppy was drinking and eating and getting stronger, not long before he could be put with a foster family and he can really heal and recover.


His foster mom named him Lincoln, now he spends his days playing with his foster brother and sister, their names are Jagger and Letti, how awesome, he really is having the time of his life!

Lincoln’s foster mom, Jennifer said:

“He adores them. They play together, they hang out together and Jagger leads everyone around …Lincoln is now learning how to play. At first, he was quite scared, and he would run away, but now he’s kind of excited about getting in there.”


This little pup really loves rope toys, Jennifer said:

“He’ll grab one and run across the yard with it, and usually he’ll try to run by Letti.”

Lincoln is your typical little puppy, he plays snuggles his humans, always ready for the next adventure, just around the corner, he will be a really lovely dog!

How anyone could have done such a thing to a lovely little puppy no one will probably ever know, at least now he has the time to recover, the space to play and a bright future ahead of him.

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