Abandoned On The Streets, Involved In A Brutal Fight, Learning To Love Again

It still amazes us each and every time we hear about someone abandoning their doggie, This lovely doggie, Denny is just one of those sad cases, but with a happy ending…

Denny’s life had a real upside-down flip up this year because his last owner abandoned him on the streets of Thailand, Phuket to be precise.

The poor little doggie had to fend for himself and try his best to survive, feed himself and if he was ill there was no one there to get him medical care.

Before his time on the street, Denny was a house dog, used to his hole comforts so now he was alone on the street things were so hard for the poor little one!

Finding food and water was a daily struggle for starters, but then as he was savagely attacked by another dog, leaving his tiny face damaged and his eye lost forever, it was brutal!

The only silver lining about such that was a truly awful attack, happens to be that someone witnessed it unfolding before their very eyes and got the dog off poor little Denny.

The person called the rescue group, Soi Dog Foundation, they have the facilities to rehabilitate local dogs like Denny. Sadly by the time that there was an animal rescue officer there to get Denny, the little dog had vanished.

After another three days on though Denny was found again and this time the officer captured him and took him hastily to the vet hospital for treatment.

Denny was in a state of crisis and sadly too his eye was really badly infected, he had to spend several months in the hospital it was so serious.

Denny healed eventually though, he slowly but surely started to learn to trust people once again.

Maeve Henry, a spokesperson for Soi Dog Foundation said:

“It took about three months for him to heal physically, but a bit quicker for him to heal emotionally once he realized the vets were there to help him …It was uplifting to see Denny go from being hurt and scared to happy and healthy.”

Denny was then let out of the hospital and went to stay at the Soi Dog shelter alongside 800 other dogs, now as he settled in he really developed a character, he really shone!

Henry said:

“Denny is a happy little boy who loves attention and really enjoys his walks with the volunteers”

Denny needs one thing above all now, he needs a forever family then will love him and keep him safe for the rest of his days.

He has generated some interest, but no one has taken him home yet, we really want this lovely little doggy to find the love he deserves!

The Soi Dog Foundation said:

“He is so fortunate to be alive …He is now a happy dog once more thanks to people like you giving him a second chance at life.”

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