Abandoned Outside A Shelter This Dog Hoped All Night Long To Be Found.

We have many shelters is different states, and the majority of these shelters are pretty busy most of the time, this one shelter, Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption, in Mission, Kansas was especially busy.

They were the ones that found her, they saw her in need of help and stepped up to help her that fateful Thursday morning.

She was outside the shelter, really so think you would say that she was emaciated, her breed is a boxer and she was, apart from being terribly thin, a quite typical looking boxer.

The poor girl lay still in one of the garbage bags, inside the bag, while it was full of garbage too!

Rebecca Taylor, from the rescue center, said:

“Tears came right away …We were not sure if [she] … was alive. She could not lift her head.”

Not too far away was another boxer, this one tied up to a pole, he was also very week and he could hardly even move his back legs he was so feeble and weakened.

The workers in the center took both dogs to the vet to be checked, they called the female, hope and quite sweet the male as called Triumph, how lovely!

Taylor said:

“We had to act pretty quickly, considering the condition both of the animals were in …It was heartbreaking.”

As well as being so incredibly thin, Hope had a really serious infection in her elbow, they also saw masses in her brain and adrenal glands too

Triumph, as it turns out, was diagnosed with muscle atrophy in his back legs, seemingly because he had been kept in a cage way too small for him to move around in, poor boy…

The rescue doesn’t know where the two of them came from but all their attention is going to their care and love and getting them fully back to health and ready to be adopted.

Taylor said:

“Some things cannot be explained …So we have to focus on their healing and recovery.”

Hope has been successfully operated on and the surgery has really helped the painful infection in her elbow and the joint.

Triumph has now thankfully gone to a foster home and is going to start some physical therapy too, it will really help to regain his strength in his back legs.

Taylor said:

“Triumph is going to need lots of TLC …It seems our sweet Hope is going to have a longer recovery, and we are listening to the vets as they plan the next steps for her. She is eating on her own; now we need to get her moving.”

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