Abandoned Husky and her puppy are rescued from the side of a busy highway!

Abandoned Husky Story… According to the ASPCA, 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year in the United States.

Being that there are so many stray cats and dogs roaming the streets, there is a very high likelihood that many of us will eventually encounter at least one stray animal in our lives.

But when this situation occurs, what should we do? Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore the dog or cat. They are either unsure of what to do, or simply don’t want to deal with it.

But some fine folks, like these two bikers who noticed a distressed dog on the side of the road, take a stand, and do what is right. They rescue the desperate animal, take it to a vet, and become everyday heroes.

Recently, two Bulgarians named Marti and Tsetso did something completely touching when they spotted an animal that looked stranded by the side of a busy highway.

When they stopped to investigate, they never expected this to happen…

After a holiday weekend, Marti and Tsetso were driving home on a busy highway in Bulgaria — when they spotted a Husky puppy sitting on the side of the road.

The puppy was described as looking like she was “simply sitting by the lanes and waiting for some miracle.”


When they got closer, it was apparent that this little girl wasn’t completely alone.


Her mother was in tow. However, she barely resembled a Husky.

She only weighed 30 pounds upon discovery.


Her skin was hanging from her bones.


Once they were rescued and on the way to a clinic, mother and daughter clung to each other the entire time.


Though both girls were timid, they were sociable and weren’t frightened of human contact.


This made vets believe that they once had homes and a family but were somehow abandoned.


They were given strong medication and rich food to help them to gain weight.


They also received names. The mother was named Siberia.


The puppy was named Alaska.


Though they clearly experienced trauma, the two dogs persevered.

Once they were strong enough, Animal Friends found a permanent home for these two lovely souls in Germany.


And you won’t believe what they look like now!

Here is beautiful Mama Siberia. See her lovely mismatched eyes?


There are no more skin problems for her anymore, and she’s now a very healthy weight.


Baby Alaska looks fantastic as well.


She’s even taken up a new hobby: howling!


Both dogs are now flourishing in their forever homes.


It’s hard to believe they were once sad, neglected, abused pups found on the side of the highway.


To think, all of this is due to two kind people — Marti and Tsetso — taking the time to stop and do the right thing for animals in need.


Have you or anyone you know ever taken action when they see a dog in dire straights?

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