Abandoned dog was so thrilled that somebody finally found and noticed him!

Can you imagine what it’s like to be abandoned by the people you call family?

It’s probably very heartbreaking, isn’t it? That’s what dogs experience when they are left behind in the streets, all by themselves in a big, frightening world, merely waiting for somebody to help them.

A guy happened to be walking by a field where he does his regular runs when he discovered this abandoned dog.

It would appear that somebody had just left this poor puppy in the field. See the video below to find out how this puppy responded the moment this man discovered him!

abandoned dog

Based on the video description from YouTube, the guy gave the puppy some food and water.

He got in touch with animal rescue so that the abandoned dog could be rescued and live a good life.

abandoned dog

Thank goodness the pup was saved, since he has already found his forever home!

What would you do if you happened to be the one who discovered this puppy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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