Abandoned Dog, Bleeding And Dying, Fights Death To Save Her Puppy!

Abandoned Dog, Bleeding And Dying, Fights Death To Save Her Puppy

A Rope Twisted around her leg, a plant vine is also twisted around her neck, both cutting deeply into her skin.

Her body is bleeding, her leg is infected, she is in agonizing pain, but she can’t give up, not with those eyes looking up at her, filled with tears and the look of fear, fear of the future.

She is all alone, no one is around, she can’t reach help, and her chances of making it through are very low!

But she still won’t give up, the pain might be strong, but something much stronger was pushing her to fight and resist.

This something is her mother instincts, this poor dog had a puppy, a very young puppy, one that had no one else in the world to take care of him but her, his eyes were filled with tears, those were tears of fear, fear of losing the only warm body around, fear of dying there and being lost forever.

Fate had another plan for them, as a good Samaritan found them, he tried to free the mother; but she wouldn’t let him near them, she was fiercely protective of her puppy and was ready to lose her life protecting her; she didn’t understand that he was trying to help her.

Abandoned dog

Luckily the man was smart enough to know that this needed some experienced hands, and he called the Wildlife Friends Federation Thailand.

They rushed to the scene and were able to take the mother and her pup to their shelter.

They freed the mother and rescued her life, the dogs were then given medications, food, water, a warm place to sleep and the care they needed desperately.

Abandoned dog

However, as the number of Stray dogs and dogs in need of help in Thailand is huge, the shelter cannot keep them, and they plan to release them back in the streets once they recover.

But not to worry, those dogs still have a chance of making it, as their story has taken the Internet by storm, people are calling for the Soi Dog Foundation, a non profit organization which is dedicated to the rescue of homeless and abused dogs.

Once they get them, we’re sure they will find a loving home where they can spend their lives together.

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