A Husky And Cat Test The Waters With Each Other In This Adorable Encounter

Naomi the dog sitter has been taking care of pups for years. Each and every pup she agrees to watch over gets her full love and attention and plenty of outdoor play time. She’s spent time volunteering with the JSPCA in Jerusalem, where she lives. She has also raised, trained, and taken care of dogs of all ages. Needless to say, she’s who to go to when you need a pet sitter in Jerusalem.

While the dogs’ parents are away on vacation, the canines get a little retreat of their own! No one is ever placed in a cage, and all the pups get to play and nap with each other as long as they stay in Naomi’s house.

When this pup meets her cat… he’s not so sure what to do. He must have never seen one before! The cat on the other hand? Totally used to the canine shenanigans, and he’s ready to stand his ground. This is the most laid back cat I’ve ever seen, but I guess that’s the way he has to be with so many pups around.

Watch how this kitty reacts when pup playfully and gently bops this cat in the head… so stoic!

Make sure you closely monitor how your cats and pups interact with each other before letting them hang out together unsupervised. Every animal is different and will interact in their own way. Wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt!

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