A final kiss goodbye before Skye is killed in New York City shelter

NY: Skye and her brother Milo were together in their home since they were only 9 weeks old.

Their lives were ripped apart when then owners left the brother and sister to die at the very high kill Manhattan; New York City shelter.

UPDATE: Skye is safe and has been rescued by Amsterdog Rescue.

Brother Milo is still in jeopardy. Please save Milo.
Skye used to lay at her owner’s feet to get attention; but now she lays on a cold cement floor waiting to die along with thousands of other unwanted pets in New York City.
One volunteer wrote, “With the cutest little pink and tan nose on the planet; and wearing a gorgeously groomed caramel coat. She’s friendly, tail waggy and happy to be out for a walk, showing off her housetraining skills the moment we’re out the door.”

“Her leash manners are lovely, she lets me put a coat on her and after stopping to take some pictures we head into the backyard. Skye explored the pen, hopped up on the bench for some hugs and kisses, comes when I call her and checks out everything going on around her. Skye is a delight, easy to be with, friendly and gentle. A proven family dog.”

Over 9,000 pets per day are being killed in our nation.

New York City shelter system which has received millions from Maddie’s Fund has been accused of falsifying their numbers while innocent pets like Skye are been murdered every day of the year, 365 days, and even on Christmas day.

“There is a group in NYC called the Mayor’s Alliance which was formed to pursue a grant to transform New York into a No Kill community. Despite their name they are not part of city government and have nothing to do with the Mayor. In 2005 they got that grant which continues today from an philanthropic organization called Maddie’s Fund; a foundation that provides grants to communities seeking to be No Kill. The original target to make New York City a No Kill community was 2008; that goal has since been extended to 2015.”

A last minute effort has been launched to try and save Skye. Please share her Facebook page.

Skye rated perfect scores on all behavior assessment. This is consdered walking on water at this substandard excuse for a ‘shelter’….please don’t let Skye die.

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