We Can’t Believe it, 8 Years In A Shelter, Finally Found A Home for Christmas!

We love stories that even though a little sad have a happy ending, not because they are sad, but because they actually have a happy ending to what would be otherwise a very sad story.

This particular dog spent eight years stuck in a shelter kennel, her story is amazing! …and how she finally managed to find a loving home and spend her first Christmas with loving owners.

Her name is Roxy, she is a staffie, and she is just adorable, she is described as highly intelligent, but even then managed to be stuck in the shelter for nearly a decade.

The staff in the shelter recognized her intelligence and brought her some special games to occupy her while she was at the shelter.

Roxy often amazed the staff at the shelter as she figured out the games really fast each and every time.

Roxy is thankfully now in a loving home with a dog groomer called Leanne Wenban, and they have enjoyed their first Christmas together too!

Leanne said:

“We saw her on the Teckels website and we saw that she had been at the kennels for a long time”

“We thought that we would see how it goes and it took around six months to get to where we are now. At first, she ignored us but we went up to see her every Thursday and Sunday.”

“At first we would sit in the cage with her and then eventually we were able to walk and cuddle her,” she said“

“It does not usually take a dog that long to get used to someone but she needed extra time.”

Roxy is so happy and now she has her own bedroom too, complete with toys and treats to boot! She still has a little bit of settling to get accustomed to her new home.

After being stuck in the animal sanctuary for such a long time we expect that a dog like this will take a little more time to completely settle into her new home, but once she is, she will really show her character!

Leanne said:

“At first Roxy came to our house on visits. She is so good and she sleeps a lot”

“She loves to be tucked up into her blanket. She also has her own bedroom which is like a small child’s bed. Before she was so used to all the noise from the kennels which was fine and what she is or was used to but now I think that she is catching up on the peace and quiet.”

Leanne really loves her work as a dog groomer and of course, she really loves dogs too, her partner Sam Green is a real dog lover too, she says he is a “bull breed fanatic”, so Roxy is a perfect match!

Leanne said:

“We have bought her lots of games. Board games for dogs, a snuffle mat, she is very clever …She works them out in minutes and we have to mix the games up each day as she remembers and figures out where the treats are.”

“Teckels have been really good and have worked around us. They have made sure that there is always someone from there to be on hand to help Roxy visit.”

“After a while, they did not have to supervise us being with her when we were making our visits. We were able to just sign in and go to see her.”

“She is now starting to say hello to other dogs and is still a little nervous as it is like she sees it as her territory.”

Best wishes to you Roxy and your family too!

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