6 Days This Little Dog Was Clinging To A Cliff

This is definitely one of those stories that you don’t hear of at all, imagine this sweet little pup, called Neguinho, he went missing recently and that’s just where this story begins…

What was the real surprise to his family is not only where they found him, but also the real tight spot he got himself stuck in!

This all happened in Brazil, in the Itajaí region, but the great view this little chap had was not really prevalent in his thoughts at the time.

The family spent a day looking for him, they were really sad about the whole thing and say that when he didn’t come home to them that it was really upsetting for them…

Even after days of not finding him, they were determined, and it turns out that he had ended up in a place that no one would imagine at all!

Just in a nook where you really wouldn’t normally think to look, Neguinho’s family had to get the local fire department to help them find and rescue him.

The Fire department even struggled to find him, but they persisted, they were determined to find the doggie too, how amazing!

It was the second day of searching that the fire department search actually found little Neguinho, and what a great relief it was when they did.

He had fallen down a very stony cliff edge and was perched like a bird on a really small rock unable to move for fear of falling to the bottom.

This dog had not only survived the tumble he had to get stuck where he was but also, amazingly too, he survived six long days with no water or food!

They had to rescue him quickly, who knows how long he had left, the poor little doggie, you can see the quite dramatic video below, showing the moments he was saved.

The firefighters descended the cliff to come to his aid, putting their own lives in a precarious position too in the process, but they did it, he was saved.

Neguinho was really exhausted from his ordeal and needed water, food and lots of rest too, but considering what he had been through he was not in such a bad condition.

The fire department said:

“The location was difficult to access …But in the end, it was only joy. Another mission successfully completed!”

What a lovely story and we are so glad he is safely back with his family, bravo!

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