30 dogs killed In Transit To Dog Show – Suspended Without Punishment?!

The transportation of dogs is something that must be undertaken responsibly with good consideration to the needs of the dogs and their conditions of transport too. How was it in this case that they have gone so wrong?

A total of thirty dogs died from heat stroke and severe dehydration while in transit to a dog show on the 2nd December, they were being transported in a closed van!

In a statement posted on the Senate website, Francis Pangilinan said:“We are enraged by reports that 30 dogs that were arranged to take part in an annual dog show died after being transported in a closed van”

He also said:“the person behind the improper transport of dogs that led to the deaths of 30 of them should be charged and not just suspended from the dog club.”

There are strict laws that govern transport of animals and this is exactly to prevent what happened in this case, but who could have possibly thought that transporting animals in a closed van in this manner could be a good idea?


The Department of Agriculture Administrative Order prohibits the transportation of animals in an “enclosed, insufficiently-ventilated and inadequately-lighted compartments of vehicles.” But this did stop the tragedy that happened here!

Pangilinan spoke about how they respect the clubs internal processes but it must also be noted that the terrible incident contravened the ‘Amended Animal Welfare Act’ and other laws!

Pangilinan was previously the chair of the Senate committee on agriculture and also commented that if 30 dogs died then that would amount to 30 counts, that could be a maximum of 90 years, not to mention substantial fines too!

The Philippine Canine Club said in a statement that:

it will… “act decisively and in the best interests of the purebred dog sport and all its members.”

We hope that incidents like this will at least raise awareness and educate about the dangers of improper transport of animals, how animals are transported is so important!

If the unnamed person does receive a punishment, then let’s hope it does set an example!

As yet there is no mention about if he will even answer for the incident… can you believe it?

What do you think ?