30 Dogs In A House From Hell – Pet Owner To Face The Music!

We all know that keeping dogs is not something that everyone should be able to do, but still, there are people who have a lot of dogs, and it’s very disturbing what goes on with them, this is just one of those disturbing cases…

This pet owner, if we can call him that, had 30 dogs, yes you heard us right, 30 dogs, and the conditions they were in were absolutely filthy…

He was jailed for the awful conditions that the dogs were kept in after three of the dogs were so starving and weak that they had to be sadly put to sleep.

Elaine Erskine, 58-years-old, had German Shepherds, Rosie, and Arti that were so incredibly malnourished that they were right on the edge of their life.

The house which was in such a state it was not fit for human or dog inhabitation for that matter, she was unemployed, she was banned from owning animals for life.

She had held her hands up to causing unnecessary suffering under section 19 of the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court…

After this she was sentenced to a period of 14 weeks, that is after an investigation by the Scottish SPCA too, not only were two German Shepherds euthanized but also a female Jack Russell terrier too!

The Scottish SPCA, Jade Cumming, said:

“This charge was dealt as Erskine failed to provide adequate nutrition to the dogs in her care, namely two German Shepherds called Rosie and Arti, and one female Jack Russell Terrier, as well as failing to provide protection from hazardous materials to the thirty canine animals in her care.“

“The property the dogs were housed in was in a state of disrepair.”

“The flooring was not visible due to the amount of rubbish and feces, and the smell of ammonia was overpowering.”

“It was clear the property was not fit for a dog or human inhabitation. The female Jack Russell was in a horrendous state when we arrived.”

“She had wounds to both back legs and the bones in both legs were clearly visible.”

The vet scored the dogs using a system from 1 to 9, of that 9 is the best condition, the Jack Russell was scored a 1 out of 9, poor little doggie, she was in a great deal of pain so there was no way to save her…*

The two adult German shepherds, Rosie and Arti, had a small porch area where they were living, they were also scored a 1 out of 9, on the brink of passing.

Poor Rosie was not able to lift her head the tiniest little bit, both of them had awful open sores and were extremely stressed, really in a bad way.

They were completely covered by feces and urine too, they had pieces of fecal material on them and around them as well as urine in a pool all around them too, truly dreadful!

All these low scored dogs could not be saved and the only way for them was to take their pain away and let them peacefully sleep and pass over the rainbow bridge…

Jade Cumming, said:

“We welcome the 14-week custodial sentence handed to Erskine as this sends out a strong message that abusing an animal is a criminal offense and the courts will take action.”

“In addition, we are pleased Erskine has been banned from owning, keeping or taking possession or care of any animal for life.”

We agree but we hope for even more in the future, what do you think, we would love to know in the comments below?

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