3 Years With No Shelter On A Chain, Dog Gets A House Of Her Own For The First Time

A lovely place to live is really essential for our four-pawed friends, so after years of spending four seasons living outside, this lovely doggie Bella will finally get a lovely warm and well-insulated house of her own.

Bella is a mix breed and sadly has sadly been stuck outside, chained up, during all the winter, and the summer months too.

She has braved all the elements, but not through her own choice, for three long years and survived by taking shelter under a strip of curved metal.

At long last Bella has been gifted a new house to live in, a place to shelter from the hot and the cold…

For a long time, people have been trying to get Bella out of her current predicament, but Bella’s owners refused to let her go, they kept her chained up.

Amy Haas-Gray of Hardin Eldora Animal Rescue Team said:

“We’ve gone to city council meetings …We’ve talked to the mayor. The sheriff. This has been going on for three years.”

“They told us they were not going to do anything about Bella. They were not going to do an anti-chaining ordinance. And they didn’t want us to come there again.”

The Sheriff, Dave McDaniel received complaints, and though he responded to them and there was a veterinarian visit the dog, it was determined that she was in fact healthy.

McDaniel said:

“We have to go against the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law …There’s nothing in the state code that requires a pet owner to spend so much time of the day interacting with the animal.”

With a little convincing, the power of social media was the key here, after Bella’s story was published the owner accepted the new house for the dog.

It was on Thanksgiving that the family was away, Josh Colvin of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) arrived with his team to build the lovely, new home for Bella, plus many treats and toys too.

ARL said:

“She was so happy she kept running in and out of her new house, licking Josh’s hand each time as she ran out”

Bella is sadly still living outside but, of course, she now has a cozy place to sleep and rest, she is now able to spend some heartwarming time with dog-loving people.

HEART will carry on their fight for her, while also lobbying New Providence for an anti-tethering law…

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