3-Year-Old Dog Nurses Newborn Kittens Like They’re Her Own Puppies

3-year-old Annabelle already had two two-week-old puppies, but a couple more surprises were in store. Friends of Annabelle’s owner, Kristy, found two orphaned kittens who were abandoned by their mother.

The family friend tried feeding them with a dropper, but to no avail. So, the kittens were brought to Annabelle’s home, where she unexpectedly accepted them into her litter.

At first, the Jack Russell terrier mix didn’t know how to react to these strange meowing — but it didn’t take long for the mother to warm up to her new feline kids. Soon, she was feeding them, cleaning them, and even carrying them around the house in her mouth so as to protect them. “I really think she has accepted them as her own, no questions asked,” Kristy told ABC News.

Though this story is sweet and simple, it does an incredible job of proving the power of motherly instinct. Despite the fact the kittens aren’t Annabelle’s and they don’t carry the scent of canines, her urge to take on the role of caretaker is greater than anything else. “I believe it’s truly a miracle that she takes to them,” Kristy says. “I’ve seen it on TV, never thought I’d see it for myself.”

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