17 Dogs Saved But 11 Bones Found From The Fighting Ring

As dog lovers I think its fair to say that we all detest dig fighting, well the Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies have had a real breakthrough in that respect, it seems to have been a dog fighting operation they discovered…

Chief Deputy Randy Christian said that the Deputies got a complaint about dogs fighting in Mulga around 11:30 am one Sunday day.

They came to the place where they could hear disturbing sounds, it was like dogs fighting in the woods justs behind a house in the main Street.

The deputies went into the woods of course to investigate the noises, they encountered a juvenile with an injured dog, with injuries consistent with a dogfight.

They arrived at the actual location where the noises were coming from and there were 17 pit bulls, four of them had dog fighting injuries, they had obviously been fighting.

There was also, quite predictably, a dog ring with fresh blood inside it and the investigators also found 11 dog skulls from dogs that never made it back out of the ring.

The guy, who was a 42-year-old was taken into custody and is being detained in the county jail, formal charges will follow, but his name will not be released until warrants have been issued.

President and CEO of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Allison Black Cornelius said:

“If you see or hear something say something. And that’s what happened. It was a long and grueling day. Many thanks to our staff and to Sheriff Hale’s incredible deputies.”

“None of us will ever forget what we saw and none of us will rest until violence like this stops. It sickens me to think these people live and walk among us in our community.”

“And the fact that these scum bags had a child on scene made me want to throw up. Pray for all of these poor creatures and pray for the GBHS hands that will be trying to heal the hurts these animals have suffered over the next many many months.”

What an awful end for these 11 dogs, but thankfully thanks to good samaritan the authorities could close another abominable dogfighting ring.

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