16 Harvey-Displaced Dogs Were Set To Be Euthanized. Then A Miracle Happened

Hurricane Harvey has completely devastated the Lone Star State. Around 19 gallons of rainwater were dumped on Houston and the surrounding areas, and the flooding was so severe that houses were completely submerged.

This caused countless Houston residents to flee their homes and leave all of their most coveted personal possessions behind.

Many images and videos of Harvey survivors trudging through flood waters holding their pets have emerged, but sadly not all four-legged friends were as lucky.

Many Pets Were Forced To Face The Storm Waters

Many residents were forced to flee the flood waters with nothing but their clothes.

Pets were left to fend for themselves, and some dogs were even tethered outside despite the rising flood waters. Many cattle were too large to rescue once the storm began to hit, leaving groups of animals to fend for themselves.

Despite it all, rescue efforts to save the pets that were devastatingly left behind were coordinated and launched. One rescue agency stepped in just in time.

Shelters Have Been Running Out Of Space

With the growing number of animals left with nowhere to go, shelters have been filling up faster than volunteers can possibly keep pace with.

Many shelters are being forced to resort to euthanization to make room for new animals, but one rescue agency aimed to do their part to save some pets who were moments from being put down.

Leave No Paws Behind—a rescue agency specializing in senior and disabled pets based in Sun Valley, California—saved 16 pets from being euthanized with only days to spare.

The rescue effort was led by Toby Wisneski, the founder of Leave No Paws Behind.

“They had several seniors, several medical needs that had to get out or they were going to be killed,” Wisneski stated. Leave No Paws Behind wasn’t about to let these animals meet an undeserved fate.

The Pets Were Brought To California To Start New Lives

No Paws Left Behind partnered with a rescue agency called Wings of Rescue, and the 11 dogs and five cats were flown to California. Although the animals are safe, they are still facing a period of recovery.

“There are a couple that probably need ongoing treatment but that’s something that we manage all of the time,” a veterinarian from the rescue stated.

All 16 animals are now looking for their forever homes. “We have a program where we put a lot of our dogs into forever foster and that means that you can basically keep them forever,” Wisneski explained.

These pets are on their way to starting fresh and receiving all the love they deserve.

Hurricane Harvey doesn’t stand a chance against the efforts of rescue organizations looking to help animals in need. Not all heroes wear capes, but No Paws Behind definitely deserves the title!