14-Month-Old Climbs Into Bin To Sneak Food To Dogs

In case you weren’t already aware: Your pets and children are always in cahoots! If they aren’t working together to do something sneaky right under your nose, then they are most likely doing something sneaky to one another!

There’s CharlieDaDog and his baby Laura, who play together, eat together, learn together, and get in all sorts of trouble together, and then there are the kids who have secret conversations and arguments with their dogs — and you just know that they are fussing over the details of some kind of sneaky plan…

They will make messes and leave you confused as to who is to blame so that no one ever gets in trouble, and they will stink up a room without ever giving you warning — but one thing is for sure, they will always make us laugh with their funny tag-team antics.

When this mom couldn’t figure out how her pups were getting extra food between meal times, she knew something was fishy.

So she took out her camera and followed the suspicious noises right to the source…her 14-month-old!

You’ve got to admit that you really can’t be mad at anyone in this situation. The dogs don’t know any better and that adorable little boy goes to some pretty impressive lengths just to sneak out a few pieces of food!

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