10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before Getting A Second Dog

Having a dog as your best friend is an amazing way to live. Those who don’t have a dog or another kind of pet may be missing out on such a wonderful and meaningful part of life, don’t you think?

For many people, the question emerges: why stop at just one dog?

If you are thinking of bringing a second dog into your home, there are many things to take into consideration first. It’s certainly not a decision to make lightly, or a conclusion you should come to on a whim without serious thought.

How do you go about deciding whether or not now is the time to get a second dog? Well, you should first consider if you have the time and energy for another pet. After you decide that, you’re ready to go through the long checklist.

The list below reveals 10 things everyone needs to know if they’re considering introducing a second dog to the family.

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1. Adopting Within The Breed Gives Them A Better Chance To Get Along


Adopting can be an imprecise science. However, dogs of the same breed tend to have more similar personalities than dogs of different breeds.

If you can try to stick within the same range of dog type, there is a higher likelihood that the two will get along with each other.

2. Not Every Dog Needs A Buddy


While some dogs thrive on fellow canine companionship, others really do prefer the company of humans and their alone time. Really ask yourself if getting a second pup will make your current baby happy or stressed out.

3. If Your Current Dog Misbehaves, Be Ready For Double Trouble


Your current dog likes to make a mess of the garbage, dig in the yard, or rip up your slippers, you should prepare yourself for a second pup picking up on those bad habits.

If a life of chaos doesn’t bother you, then that’s your own decision! Just know that what one dog sees, the other will probably do.

4. Age Actually Makes A Big Difference


If your current dog is in her later years, it would be a good idea to steer clear of hyper puppies who will want to play more than rest. Dogs of similar ages will have similar energy levels, making everyone (including you) much happier.

5. A Second Dog Is Not A Placeholder For You, The Human Companion


If you’re looking for a dog to keep your current fur baby company while you’re away at work because she suffers from separation anxiety, it is most likely that another dog will not help the situation. You are the one that your pup misses, and you are the only one who can help her get over her anxiety through training and reassurance.

If your only reason for a second pup is to fix this issue, you’re heading toward a dead end. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up with two very anxious pups on your hands.

6. You Will Have To Adjust Your Budget


Some folks forget that a dog does come with a price tag, and not just the initial fee. You need to make sure you have enough money in your budget to support both of your dogs; including a buffer amount for emergency sicknesses and surgeries.

7. How You Introduce Them Is Crucial


If you do decide to go forth with bringing another dog into your home, then you have to have a plan of action, and it should be different for every set of pups. Depending on temperament, you might have to do it very gradually and slowly, or you might opt for a quick introduction.

Either way, you will want to do a bit of research and analyzing of your pup’s personality before any kind of introduction happens, because you wouldn’t want the relationship to be soured from the start.

8. You Should Really, Really Consider Spaying Or Neutering Both Dogs


Gender does matter when it comes to putting two dogs together. If you aren’t going to spay or neuter your dogs for whatever reason; it is most likely best to get two of the same gender.

However, spaying and neutering keep hormones under control and make for all-around better meshing between the animals.

9. Adoption Is Always A Great Option


Regardless of where or how you got your first dog, never forget that adopting through a shelter or a rescue is always an option when thinking of welcoming a pet into a new home. These animals will love you for saving their lives. You can still find a shelter dog similar to the breed you already have, even though it may take a bit of extra searching. However, that searching is so worth it.

Still, if you have specific needs in a dog and need to use a breeder; make sure you use a responsible one.

10. You Can’t Blame Yourself If It Doesn’t Work Out


Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want them to. If you bring a dog home and no matter what you try the new and old dog will not get along; it might just not be the match made in heaven.

If that happens, the best thing to do for the happiness of both dogs is to let the new dog find a home in which she’ll be happier, and not constantly under stress. There is nothing you can do to force a friendship, and you don’t want either of the dogs getting hurt or suffering mentally.

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