Woman Adopts 30 Pet Pugs, She Spends Over $24,000 A Year On Them

Ten years ago, Barrie and Merle gave their daughter, Becca Drake, her first pet pug for her 30th birthday. She instantly fell in love.

Over the course of the past ten years, Becca has adopted more pugs — 29 more to be exact. That’s right, Becca Drake is now the proud owner of 30 pet pugs.

She recently revealed that every year, she’s spends over $24,000 caring for her dogs. As she got more and more pugs, she had to sell her designer jewelry and handbags in order to have the money to take care of them.

She told the Daily Mail, “They bring me so much love and happiness. Yes, they’re expensive and it’s definitely hard work keeping the house clean and making sure they’re all groomed and fed.”


“But there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to ensure that they all live happy and healthy lives,” she explained. “They’re my whole world and I would die for them.”

When Becca received her first pug, Fatima, in 2006, it changed her life forever.


She explained how she grew her brood quickly afterwards. “I was head-over-heels in love with Fatima when I received her as a gift from my parents,” she said. “Then, I got another pug, as I wanted her to have a friend to play with.”


Since then, Becca has adopted rescue pugs and bred her own.

Becca often misses social events and holidays to stay home with her pugs, but she wouldn’t change anything about her life.

She thinks that she’s probably hit her limit at 30 pet pugs, but she says she always has a waiting list.


“I know that some people will think I’m crazy, but my pugs are my life,” she explained. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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Bonus awesome pug video:

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