Two Brave Police Officers Free A Deer Trapped In A Soccer Goal !!!

Deer Trapped Video: Normally when you think of our nation’s police officers, you picture the brave men and women who suit up every single day to fight crime.

Not every single day involves a high-speed chase or a bank robbery, but cops never know when they might get called to a scene in order to serve the inhabitants of their community. Even if those inhabitants aren’t human!

So when two police officers for the Madeira Police Departmentgot a call about an animal in desperate trouble, they took it just as seriously as anything else.

Officer Rick Byram and Detective Tim Vogel showed up at the local soccer field and instantly saw that they were going to have their work cut out for them. There, trapped in the netting of one of the large soccer goals, was a scared and exhausted deer.

This Deer Trapped had been doing her best to escape from the web, but that only tired her out and got her more and more stuck with each movement. It would take the work of a human to get her out of this mess.

But if anyone knows anything about wild deer, it’s that they can be quite powerful and potentially dangerous if they’re backed into a corner. These animals have very strong legs that can kick so hard, they can knock even the biggest person down to the ground.

But these two cops worked so efficiently and managed to calm the trapped animal enough so that they could eventually keep her held down as they cut her free. With a huge knife mere inches from her neck, this must have been a harrowing experience for both man and beast, but if you watch to the end, you’ll see that it was worth the risk!

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