Three children arrested for allegedly beating and attempting to drown puppy!


Three juveniles, ranging in age from 12 to 17, have been arrested for allegedly stealing, then beating and attempting to drown a three-month-old puppy.

The puppy, a blue Pitbull named Jocko, died a few days later.

According to Carbon Hill Police, there was no motive for the crime–and the juveniles did not know the dog’s owner.

The suspects took the dog from the back porch of a nearby home. They brought it to the Carbon Hill pool, where police say they were turned away.

The suspects went to a creek down the hill from the pool where a lot of locals swim. Sometime later, lifeguards heard the puppy crying out in pain and came to investigate.


Carbon Hill police say that the juveniles scattered and left the dog behind.

“It just breaks your heart that kids that young can do stuff like that,“ said Paige Dobbins, a close friend of the dog’s owner.

Two of the juveniles have been charged with animal cruelty, and the other has been charged with theft of property.

They were taken to the Walker County Juvenile Detention Center.

Rest well, little pup…I am sorry that humans failed you.


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