Terminally Ill Filmmaker Spends The Rest Of Her Days Fighting To Make L.A. A No Kill City

JD Disalvatore is an award-winning filmmaker who’s been working diligently to transform Los Angeles into a no kill city. She launched her mission three years ago when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

Originally, doctors told her she had two to four-month to live. Thankfully, she’s proven them wrong and this disease has not slowed her down. She proceed with the vision to make LA a No Kill City.

JD began working at the East Valley Animal Shelter six years ago when she had no idea what it took to save an animal. Over those six years, she has gotten a close look at just how much energy, time, and emotion goes into trying to make a difference. She says, “It’s an army of people not just one.”

This experience led her to work on a documentary called How To Save A Dog to show just how much shelter workers give of themselves everyday. She has set up a Indiegogo page for donations to help make this film possible.

Along with the film, she is creating 20-30 free educational videos that will be shared on social media. These videos will inform the public on how they can help animals.

no kill city (2)

There is also a donation page, that gives you a simple breakdown of how you can help, even in small ways.

If you are looking for ways to help animals in need, check with your local shelter and ask what you can do. And if you would like to help the group that inspired JD’s mission, they are called Friends of East Valley Animal Services.


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