Stray dog is found with massive cancerous tumor, makes unbelievable recovery with love and care!

When Animal Aid Unlimited, India spotted a stray dog named Missy, they saw that she had a large tumor growing near her rear and suspected cancer.

It turned out, Missy had a cancerous sexually transmissible disease called– canine transmissible venereal tumor.

Looking at the size of the tumor, animal rescue workers feared that the tumor was too advanced…

Stray dog

For these types of tumors in dogs, if discovered early, the tumor can be treated with a chemotherapy drug called Vincristine which reduces the tumor’s size until it’s completely gone. Although Missy’s tumor was enormous, just wait until you see her incredible recovery.

Viewers discretion is advised. The images you are about to see may be graphic to some individuals.

When rescue workers found Missy, the tumor was so large that it actually burst open causing incredible pains for the poor dog.

Rescue workers tried approaching Missy, but their efforts were futile. Missy was reluctant to receive help from humans and ran away every time someone approached her.

Stray dog

It wasn’t until rescue workers used a net that they were able to catch her. I understand that capturing Missy using a net may seem unethical, but treating Missy’s tumor is far more important.

After being able to take a close look at Missy, rescue workers were worried that the advanced cancer was incurable… The rescue workers debated euthanasia, but Missy has such a strong life-force that they knew they had to give her a chance.

After 4 months of chemotherapy, nursing care and love, the cancer has disappeared and her overall health is robust.

Take a look at Missy today!

Stray dog

She is running around and her tumor is completely gone! A beautiful story about a rescue dog’s incredible road to recovery.

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