Simon Cowell joins animal lovers in the battle against Yulin Dog Meat festival

SIMON COWELL is wading into the battle against Yulin dog meat festival to stop cats and dogs being butchered on the streets of China.

The television magnate is calling on animal lovers to save thousands of stricken pets from horrendous cruelty in the name of a food celebration. Yulin Dog Meat Festival is drawing international condemnation over the way animal are stolen before being smuggled into the Chinese city in cramped cages and then subjected to appalling brutality.

As many as 10,000 dogs could die in coming days – many boiled or blow-torched. It is said that if the dogs die in fear it improves the taste of their flesh.

Yulin Dog Meat

One of the leading organisations fighting to bring an end to the festival as well as rescuing dogs from slaughterhouses is Humane Society International.

Today the Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor judge made a heartfelt plea on behalf of the charity.

He says: “Right now, thousands of dogs and cats in China need our help. Over the past few days these poor animals – many of them stolen pets – have been crammed onto trucks in wire cages without food or water, and driven for hours under miserable conditions.

“Their appalling fate? To be cruelly beaten, then slaughtered and eaten as part of an annual ‘festival’ held in Yulin.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dogs and cats slaughtered for annual meat festival



“It’s so brutal, it makes me sick thinking about it. The cruelty, pain and terror these animals experience is disgusting and there are no words to describe how upset this makes me feel.

“But we are the only hope for these poor animals. Together we must stand strong with the millions of people across China who, just like us, love animals and passionately oppose this cruelty.”

Humane Society International and its Chinese partners have rescued 54 dogs over the past few days and have saved many more in recent months.

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