Sebastian The Newfoundland Does The Funniest Thing For Attention

Sebastian the Newfoundland is just one big ball of fluff, but when he doesn’t get his way, he acts like a little kid.

Like most dogs, he just can’t get enough of belly rubs, but when his owner stops even just for one second, this gentle giant has the funniest way of demanding more attention. “Looks like Sebastian believes he is the king of the house! Watch as he argues and pouts after his owner stops giving him a belly rub. His reaction at the end will bring a smile to your face!” the dog’s owner captioned the video.

In the video, his owner gives him plenty of love and attention, but when he stops, Sebastian rolls around on his back and whines a little bit until she starts petting him again.

We met Sebastian a while back, but one our favorite videos is of him playing hide and seek with his favorite little human friend. It’s safe to say this big dog is getting so much love from his family. You can already see that this dog loves the special attention, as he goes completely wild every time he gets a belly rub. Have you ever had a dog act like this before and beg for belly rubs?

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