Rescued Pit Bull Gets A Second Chance At Life As A Police Dog !!

Rescued Pit Bull Video: When it comes to pit bulls, there is unfortunately a large amount of misinformation floating around. Contrary to the belief of some, pit bulls are loving, beautiful, intelligent creatures.

Because many people fear pit bulls — like this father who didn’t want a pit bull near his daughter — there are a large number of them left unadopted in animal rescues and shelters around the world. However, one incredible organization is doing their best to change that.

According to their website, the Animal Farm Foundation “has been working nationally to secure equal treatment and opportunity for pit bull dogs since 1985.” And now, because of their amazing work, pit bulls are being given a brand-new opportunity: to become police dogs.

Through the Foundation’s efforts, Kiah (and pit bulls like her) are now being rescued from animal shelters and trained to work with law enforcement officials in upstate New York.

Kiah has been paired with Officer Justin Bruzgal of the Poughkeepsie Police Department. Together, the duo is making a difference in their community, and disproving negative stereotypes about pit bulls.

Watch this beautiful, exclusive video below. Kiah — with the help of her human counterpart — is breaking barriers and showing the world that pit bulls deserve just as much love as any other canine.

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