Woman posts on facebook to get unloved dog adopted. One month later panicked dog drags mom outside!

The stunning nature of dogs continues to amaze us, as they time and time again perform incredible feats, like this dog that saved a toddler from a poisonous snake.

For three-year-old Kailey, a shepherd mix, something as simple as sensing a strange smell can make all the difference.

The pup was on the DeKalb County. GA, Animal Services Adoption list for a year, but no one wanted to adopt her. Foster parents Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham said it was probably due to a behavioral issue.

“Her one issue was that something has happened to her in her past, so that if you try to touch her and she did not know you, she would snap at you,” said Berlin. “Because of her issue it was really hard to get her adopted.

Kailey would be euthanized if no one adopted her. Finally, after Berlin wrote a post on Facebook calling for anyone who wanted the pup for adoption, Suzy Chandler answered the call.

Then, on Friday, December 30, 2016, Kailey flipped out on her new owners.

“All of a sudden she just started barking and looking at us and growling. Like trying to get our attention, and I said, ‘Well what’s the matter with her?’” said Chandler.

Kailey dragged Chandler outside and pulled her in a specific direction, and it was then that the woman was met with an overpowering smell of gas.

Because of the pup’s awareness and eagerness to keep its owners safe, the fire department was called and summoned to the scene.

The gas had been emanating from a neighboring apartment complex, where many children resided. Kailey’s actions may have saved them from a dangerous gas leak.

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Chandler hopes that Kailey’s story inspires others to take a chance on pups that need extra care.

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