A Police Dog Was Killed In The Line Of Duty. Look How The Department Honored Him. Wow.

Police officers and their canine companions from across Oklahoma paid their respects to a 3-year-old K-9 – Police Dog named Kye who was laid to rest earlier this week.

Kye, who received full-honors for his service, was killed in the line of duty attempting to take down a burglary suspect in Oklahoma City. According to reports, Kye was stabbed multiple times by the suspect and then went into cardiac arrest at the scene.

Kye was a member of the Oklahoma City Police Department working along side his partner, Sgt. Ryan Stark, for two years. Stark, a 13-year-veteran of the force, apparently pulled out his gun and fatally shot the suspect during the altercation.

This was the first time an Oklahoma City that a police dog was killed by a person that officers were chasing.

In the heartbreaking images captured of the funeral below; you can see the anguish and pain written all over Stark’s face. He not only lost a partner but he also lost a best friend.

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Sgt. Ryan Stark of the Oklahoma City Police Department stares at the casket of his fallen partner, K-9 Kye, during funeral services for the heroic dog at First Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Thursday, Aug. 28.

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Police officers from across the state and their K-9 partners came to Kye’s funeral to pay their respects.


In an emotional moment, Officer Stark says his final goodbyes to his partner and best friend.


An officer says his final goodbyes to the fallen hero.


Officer Stark is given the American Flag that was draped over Kye’s casket during the service.


Officer Stark wipes away tears following the conclusion of Kye’s funeral services.


Canine officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department served as pall-bearers for Kye and carried the casket to a hearse following funeral services for burial.


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