Patient Dog Walks Very Slowly So Old Man Can Keep Up

With all the talk about how to keep a dog happy and healthy throughout their lives, it’s easy to forget the remarkable extent to which they care for us throughout our own in return.

Here’s a sweet video making the rounds on social media which captures that touching truth better than most. In it, an elderly man is seen out for a walk with his faithful dog — though framed within that simple scene is something unforgettable.

Despite the fact that the man, slow-moving with cane in hand, is unable to keep up with the flow of foot-traffic around him, the patient little dog is seen calmly keeping pace with each step of his labored steps along the way.

There are few additional details about this man and dog, or where this clip was recorded, but much can still be gleaned from this short snapshot of their lives. For older folks, having a canine companion around comes with a variety of health benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving overall well-being.

But according to a study from the University of St Andrews, owning a dog helps people in their Golden Years in another important way — by keeping them active. On average, pup owners over 65 years old were 12 percent more active than those who did not own a pup.

We can’t think of a better motivator.

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