Orphaned Baby Elephant Loves His New Human Mama !!!

An orphaned baby elephant has found a new home with longtime animal rescuer Roxy Danckwerts … and he doesn’t want to leave her side.

The 14-month-old elephant named Moyo follows his new mama everywhere she goes (much like Ellie the elephant who formed a great friendship with a German shepherd after being rejected by his herd).

Moyo was brought to the Wild is Life sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe, a few days after his birth. Rangers found him stranded and alone after presumably being “washed away whilst trying to cross a flooded river with his herd.”

Now the adorable elephant is growing very fast and becoming too big to do all the things he once did, including sitting on his “favorite sofa.”

And as you’ll see below, the adorable animal causes some havoc in Danckwerts’ house by going about his old ways. In the kitchen, especially, he’s seen wanting to try everything he finds in front of him.

“And he knows he’s being naughty now,” joked Danckwerts, who has rescued tons of different species throughout her almost 20-year effort.

Wait until you find out what this little elephant does in the house and what his favorite object is…

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