Neighbor Can’t Stand A Dog Tied To A Tree During Thunderstorm. What She Does About It …Beautiful!

When a cruel dog owner decided to strap his dog to a tree during a thunderstorm, a heroic neighbor stepped out, cut the dog loose and let her into her house.

It´s such an amazing thing for the neighbor to do when everyone else decided to just close their windows and ignore the soaking dog.

This video you will see on the next page was captured by another neighbor as he was just about to close his window. I am not quite sure how any dog owner could have the heart to leave a dog outside the house during a weather like this.0

How can you sleep well at night knowing that a creature who loves you so dearly could die any minute?

I would like to give the dog owner benefit of the doubt but I don’t think there’s any excuse for this pathetic behavior. Storm signals are on the news days before the gusts begin.

See the compassionate woman caught on cam run outside the house to cut the poor dog loose and let him in. It’s terrible how some people could leave a dog outside in a weather like this.

There´s really no way you can´t prepare for your dog´s safety. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Always make it a point to let your dgs in when the weather outside is uncomfortable, more so unforgiving.

To the kind lady who helped out the poor dog, bless your heart. Would you have done the same if you saw this kind of abuse?

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