Mother and Son Beaten for Saving a Dog From Hot Car

Two people were arrested after a mother says she and her son were assaulted for rescuing a dog left in hot car, they believed he was overheating in a truck in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday.

Melanie May said she and her son Bradley Allen saw the dog foaming at the mouth inside a hot car, a truck parked at a Dollar General around 2:30 p.m.

“Somebody left their dog in 93 degree weather,” May said. “They had about an inch of air on either side with their windows down.”

She and her son opened the truck door to let the dog out after they went into several stores to look for the dog’s owner.
Kendra Smith, the dog’s owner, came outside and began to argue with May and her son.

“(She) was very mad, very irritated, and very violent about messing with her vehicle,” May said.

May said Smith, 27, called a man and the two of them beat up May and Allen.

Officers found Allen lying on the ground, he and May had blood coming from their nostrils and mouths, according to the police report.

Both were taken to the hospital with injuries. Allen got four stitches in his lip and three staples in his head, May said. One of May’s teeth were knocked out and three others are loose from the attack, she said. Smith and 25-year-old Jalamb Trinney, who May said is Smith’s brother, were arrested and charged with battery.

May said she wants to know what happened to the dog.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Would you do it again?’ I definitely would do it again,” she said.

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