Photo of lady bugs stuck to roof of dog’s mouth goes viral

When veterinarian Lindsay Mitchell posted a photo of lady bugs stuck to the roof of a dog’s mouth, many people thought the graphic photo had been photoshopped.

With more than 54,000 shares however, it wasn’t long before the picture’s accuracy was verified. Dr. Mitchell of Hoisington, Kansas posted the photo on her Facebook page; the poor dog’s mouth full of Asian lady bugs – not so “lady bug like” for sure; just ask the doggy patient.

“This is the second pup I have seen like this today,” Dr. Mitchell posted. “If your pet is drooling or foaming at the mouth look for these lady bugs. They cause ulcers on the tongue and the mouth and have a very painful bite. “

According to the Great Bend Tribune, the Asian beetles, as opposed to the native lady bug, don’t evoke the same “cute” response. In this particular case, the dog named Bailey had 30 to 40 of the biting kind stuck to his mouth. And Dr. Mitchell posted the photo to warn pet owners since there are so many of these bugs swarming.

Experts report the spread of the sugarcane aphid has drawn the beetles to the area – major predators of the aphids.

“I posted the photo not to freak people out, but to provide pet owners with an action to take in case they find one of their pets drooling excessively or with apparent foaming at the mouth. They could avoid a trip to the veterinarian’s office if they check their pet’s mouth; and if they find the beetles, they can simply remove them with their finger or a tongue depressor. They aren’t like a tick, so there is no worry that a head or any part of the animal will be left behind to hurt the animal further.”

As for Bailey, the dog whose mouth was invaded with the nasty little bugs, he had tried to eat them the night before; but soon became lethargic and didn’t want to eat, his owner stated. Since the ladybugs have been removed, Bailey is doing much better and is expected to make a full recovery.

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