ISIS are using dogs as suicide bombers in Mosul

ISIS are hitting new lows (even by their standards) after it emerged they’re now using DOGS as suicide bombers.

More than 600 dogs have been equipped with bombs and are being used to carry out suicide attacks; on the Iraqi Army forces, an Iraqi officer said.

Fahmi Abbas, from the Iraqi Armored Units, told IRNA: ‘ISIS terrorists have equipped 600 dogs with bombs and want to send them among Iraqi Army forces and explode them by remote control.’
At the moment, ISIS are desperately trying to hinder the advance of the Iraqi Army as they edge closer to Mosul.

In the past 19 days since the battle of Mosul began, ISIS terrorists have carried out 100 suicide attacks in different regions; according to figures announced by the Iraqi Army.

But most of these have been unsuccessful after being neutralised by Iraqi heat-seeking missiles before reaching their aim.
Mr Abbas added that all members of the Army have been informed about the terrorists’ new tactics; so that they’re prepared for an oncoming attack.
He also alluded to the possibility of ISIS using other animals to carry out suicide attacks; and said they’ll do whatever it takes because don’t have anywhere else to escape.




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