Four Well-Trained Golden Retrievers Line Up To Get Their Paws Cleaned !!!

There’s just something about Golden Retrievers that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. No matter what kind of mood you may find yourself in, the silly face of one of these beautiful dogs will make you forget all your troubles and find happiness in the world!

While these beautiful dogs are certainly fun, they have a tendency to get a bit messy when they play outside. Which, if you have recently purchased rugs, might be a bit of a problem when they track in mud and dirt.

But luckily, not only are golden retrievers are beautiful to look at and one of the friendliest animals out there, they’re also incredibly intelligent as well!  So when the proud mom of these four pups finally managed to train them to stand in a straight line to have their paws cleaned, she knew she just had to share it with the world.

This terrific little video is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. These four fluffy friends are so well trained that they even know to raise their paws so their loving mom can wipe them off. Along with their beautiful home, we just love the looks on the four faces when they’re comfortable and safe inside ready for some dinner!

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