Famous Biker Dog ‘Milo’ victim of animal cruelty

People who admired the 6-year-old Schnauzer mix called him the “Tennessee Biker Dog.”

His owner simply called him Milo, the biker dog. He got his name after he jumped on his owner’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“Milo was known all over the place, from here to Florida, to the Carolinas,” said Joe Burris, Milo’s owner. “He was known all over the Southeast for riding the Harley. He put a lot of smiles on faces. Everybody loved him.”

While Milo stole the hearts of many in White House, his owner is heartbroken. Milo was killed last Friday. Police are trying to figure out how.


“It was like losing a child because I spent every day with him,” Burris said. “Every day and night, he worked here with me, he came to work with me.”

Burris said a truck driver from Hodge Trucking out of Memphis came to deliver vans on Friday when Milo slipped outside. He said the driver told him he kicked the dog twice. Burris said the driver told him Milo fell into the road and he was hit by a truck.

“He kicked Milo, and they’ve admitted to kicking Milo,” Burris said.

“He said when he kicked Milo he landed in front of a truck that was passing, but it does not look like Milo was hit by a truck or anything.”

The driver didn’t want to speak in an interview, but told Channel 4 on the phone he never kicked the dog. He said Milo ran into the street on his own and was hit by a red Chevrolet S10.

Still Burris said he wants justice. He filed an animal cruelty complaint with White House police. They will be investigating the death.


“I would like the driver, I would like for him to be prosecuted for what he did,” Burris said. “Maybe he didn’t intend on killing my dog when he kicked him but he did.”

Burris said he plans to have an autopsy performed on Milo on Wednesday.

WSMV Channel 4

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