Extremely Rare Albino Elephant Frolics In African Wildlife Park !!!

It is thought that for every 10,000 mammals born on Earth, one will be born an albino Elephant. Albinism in animals is extremely rare, and in most cases, many of the known albino animals are well documented and analyzed.

But there remain a few animals out there who have slipped by unnoticed, under the safety and protection of their herd and environment.

Below, we share the pictures that Nicki Coertze, a tourist and photographer who was on African safari, snapped while sightseeing one day. He witnessed something spectacular, extremely rare, and pretty magical: an adorable tiny pink baby elephant frolicking by the river. It was an albino calf — and a once-in-a-lifetime sighting.

Many albino animals, like this amazing baby sea turtle, do struggle to survive and be accepted by the rest of their family. We just hope that this baby elephant gets all the love and attention it deserves.

Scroll down to read more about this curious little elephant and understand more about its condition. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Nicki Coertze, 58, was on safari in Africa when he spotted something extraordinarily spectacular.

One day during his vacation, he and his family sighted a great herd of African elephants.

And right there was a tiny baby calf with floppy, bright pink ears and a coat of muddy, pink-colored skin.

She stood next to her mother, and drank from the nearby river.

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This little baby has albinism — which is an extremely rare condition among African elephants.

Like with humans who have albinism, a majority of albino animals lack pigment in their skin, hair, scales, and feathers.

Unlike humans, however, albinism in animals is considered to be a hereditary condition.


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