Dog With Facial Deformity Spends His Second Chance Showering His Family With Love

Everyone, meet Clark Kent–a Pit Bull with a facial deformity. But Clark Kent doesn’t know that, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. Clark Kent has facial bone masses, but that deformity doesn’t stop him from being the sweet and friendly dog that he is.

Kylie Edmond–co-founder of the Rock & Rawhide Organization, met Clark Kent at the Manhattan Animal Care Center. He was left there by his former family because of his facial bone masses, his facial deformity.

Clark Kent had kennel cough when he met Kylie. But despite that, he was as sweet as ever, his tail was wagging, and he showered Kylie with kisses.

Kylie was determined to save Clark. When he had double pneumonia, Kylie made sure that he gets the medical attention that he needed.

And now that Clark is healthier, he has also found a foster home. Watch the video below and see how sweet Clark is!

Awwww…isn’t he the sweetest?

This sweet loving dog, deserves all the love in the world! And we sure hope that he’s gonna find a loving, forever home.

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