Dog Saved From Ice By Three Firefighters In A Small Boat !!!

Little Boo likes to make the rounds every night to say hello to all of his friends in the neighborhood. The 13-year- old dog is very popular, and just about everyone in the whole neighborhood considers him a best friend.

So when neighbors started to hear what sounded like the beloved pooch “screaming for help,” they grew more and more concerned when they realized he was missing.

Suddenly, when they looked out into the lake, they saw little Boo struggling for his life on the ice. There’s no known reason why Boo ventured out onto the ice; maybe he saw an animal and chased it, or maybe he got confused. No matter what the reasons, all that mattered at that moment was that Boo needed help, fast.

Finally a group of firemen showed up, and when they saw Boo clinging to life, they knew it was going to be a difficult rescue. In spite of the odds against them, they found a small boat, and began chipping away at the ice.

Slowly but surely these men began to inch their way closer to the desperate dog. The dog was barking for help the whole time, and while it was a close shave, everyone was overjoyed when the firemen grabbed him and pulled him into safety.

Nowadays, Boo is healthy and happy, and he certainly now knows never to walk on the ice! And hopefully his humans will keep a closer eye on him from now on, too.

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