Dog Gives Birth, Then Teen Owner’s Jaw Drops When She Sees First Puppy

Dogs can truly be members of the family, and that is definitely true for people who breed pups.

Owning a dog can be a wonderful but trying experience. Dogs take a lot of time and energy to care for: they need love and affection, as well as exercise, food, and a safe environment.

It’s not always easy, but most families who own dogs know it’s absolutely worth it. People who breed pooches put even more time and effort into caring for them: they not only deal with having a pregnant dog, they also open their home to lots of other dogs when the puppies are born.

And puppies, as adorable and sweet as they are, can be extremely difficult to manage. They need a lot of attention, something Jacqueline Arguello knows very well.


Jacqueline Arguello is a 19-year-old from Pharr, Texas, who absolutely loves dogs.

When her dog Mocca got pregnant, Arguello couldn’t be more excited.


Mocca and her baby daddy, a poodle, are both white, so Jacqueline expected their puppies to come out looking exactly like them: fluffy and white.


Dog gives birth, when the first puppy was born, Arguello was shocked to see that it was black. Then the rest of the babies were born, and they were all black too!


Arguello and her parents started wondering if it was possible that Mocca had snuck out and somehow bred with another dog, but they’re almost positive the poodle is the father — he’s the only one Mocca spent any time around.


Apparently it’s possible for two white-furred dogs to produce dark-furred puppies if they carry the dark-fur gene; and that’s what Arguello assumes happened.

And really, Arguello and her family don’t care; they’re just happy the puppies are healthy and sweet; and they can’t wait to spend more time with them.

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